Built for retailers
Trusted by data teams

A CDP for first-party data collection and segmentation for audience activation and personalization, all deployed on a private infrastructure.

"The ability to easily access our first-party data, and most importantly, the possibility to use different segmentations through machine learning gives us the support we need, from marketing automation and paid media to growth and onsite personalization."

— Marketing Director, LEROY MERLIN Portugal

For every funnel stage and channel

Kevel audience helps you convert, reach, and retain customers and anonymous visitors alike. Use first-party data to segment new and returning visitors into marketing and advertising segments optimized for every stage of the funnel.

Built for retailers

Identify "likely to buy" visitors
Maximize conversion rates and ROAS
Create better seeds for lookalike campaigns
Automatically segment your new & best customers easily

Built private & secure

Generate multi-touch attribution reports
Find channels producing the strongest long-term revenue
Include off-line conversions in attribution reports
Automate your current manual processes

User data without privacy and security risks

Own your data

Your data stays in your private infrastructre

Cross-channel identity resolution

Own your identity graph by grouping all first-party identifiers


First-party domain and server set cookies

Data collection from any source

Stream data from all your online properties using first-party tags
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