Our Favorite Super Bowl LVI Ads

Mary Mackey
Mary Mackey
Our Favorite Super Bowl LVI Ads

On Sunday, upward of 100 million viewers tuned in to Super Bowl LVI to watch the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams compete for the Lombardi Trophy.

While the Rams won the title in a nail-biting fourth quarter, advertisers also scored big with soaring viewership after a lackluster 2021 showing. We asked our team to share the ads that caught their attention – did any of our top picks make your list?

Coinbase "QR Code"

"This ad broke the mold of the typical 60 second spot – there was no A-list celebrity, weird centaur, or other overused gimmick. It made you think there was something wrong with your TV, and even though you didn’t want to give the advertiser the satisfaction, you just had to pull out your phone and scan to see who it was. I wasn’t expecting so many crypto ads, but this definitely made Coinbase standout."
Nico Staple, Senior Product Manger

Budweiser “A Clydesdale’s Journey”

"It's a classic- I look forward to it every year. Cute animals and American beer- what's not to love!"
Sarah Wheeler, Content Writer

Toyota “The Joneses”

"This ad was positive and fun. It had several of my favorite actors. And, most of all, it was the only ad that made me laugh out loud."
John Miller, Staff Software Engineer

Salesforce “The New Frontier”

"This was some very intense branding - Salesforce is creating an identity around solving present-day problems while suggesting that Big Tech's moonshots are a form of escapism. I liked the ad's boldness, despite it not tying back to the services Salesforce offers."
Alex Carl, Senior Release & Continuous Improvement Manager
"Liked the message. #TeamEarth"
Zach Fake, Senior Software Engineer

FTX “Don’t Miss Out with Larry David”

"They nailed it by tying Larry’s personality into great historical inventions storyline, and using this hindsight to indicate FTX is on the verge of being the next great thing."
Ben Guez, Account Executive

Meta "Old Friends, New Fun"

"In a world where social distancing is a lifestyle and the key buying demographic is often moving around for jobs, the need to maintain friendships is real – and difficult. Meta is trying to capitalize on this FOMO by offering a new medium for reconnecting. By focusing the product on old friendships and not the VR hype, Meta anchors their value-add in relatable emotion. We'll see if it works."
Chris Shuptrine, VP of Marketing

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Mary Mackey
Mary Mackey

Mary is an experienced tech marketer with a passion for storytelling. As Kevel's Marketing Manager, she oversees marketing projects and communications.