Blockthrough builds server-side header bidding stack using Relay’s APIs
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Blockthrough builds server-side header bidding stack using Relay’s APIs

Blockthrough’s server-side solution enabled them to scale demand without taxing user experience and unlock incremental revenue.

What Blockthrough Wanted

Blockthrough is the most popular adblock revenue recovery solution among the Top 150 Comscore publishers. With Blockthrough, publishers can generate incremental revenue by serving a lighter ad experience compliant with the Acceptable Ads Standard to opted-in adblock users.

As Blockthrough scaled their offerings and added demand partners, their client-side setup caused major growing pains. Adding demand partners grew their revenue and value to publishers, but taxed page load and user experience. Every time Blockthrough changed their configuration or added a new partner, they had to make manual updates to each publisher.

Blockthrough knew they needed to move to server-side auctions, but other managed service vendors owned the entire server-side programmatic tech stack. Choosing one of these managed service vendors would leave Blockthrough with minimal transparency, limited control, and highly manual workflows for adding new supply.

Instead, Blockthrough turned to Relay’s programmatic APIs to build a server-side stack that plugged into their existing Google Ads Manager (GAM) infrastructure. Within months, the new auction model increased fill rate across 5 SSPs, reduced page load times, and built a radically simple workflow for onboarding supply and demand.

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Blockthrough proves the value of server-side auctions

To increase revenue, Blockthrough needed to increase the number of demand partners connected to their stack. In their prior client-side setup, adding additional demand partners meant more outbound calls per ad unit, which negatively impacted page load times and user experience. Relay’s infrastructure only requires a single call to their server, which is optimized for fast responses to auctions and requests.

By building their server-side platform with Relay, Blockthrough increased their revenue across 5 SSPs, while reducing page load times for publishers.

Blockthrough simplifies their scaling operation

Prior to Relay, adding demand partners was a manual process requiring publisher-by-publisher updates as new demand partners were added, or configurations were changed. With Relay, Blockthrough built a centralized switchboard to manage their programmatic monetization.

This unified workflow across all clients simplified new publisher onboarding, and reduced time costs for Blockthrough.

Blockthrough ads

Blockthrough ads

Blockthrough improves bid density with more capacity for demand partners

Without the bounds of a client-side solution, Blockthrough can now easily scale demand partner integrations. The increased number of demand partners has improved Blockthrough’s fill rate and revenue for its publishing clients.

Relay allows Blockthrough to optimize ad placements with filters that focus requests on the most valuable geos, and increases the ROI for both publishers and advertisers.

In leveraging Kevel's Relay product, we now have a medium to sustainably increase demand sources for our publishers--driving incremental revenue without added latency and operational overhead.

Rikki Decker, Head of Partnerships, Blockthrough

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