Scale your ad network without building the backend from scratch

Ad serving is commoditized. Don't recreate the wheel - white label Kevel's ad serving infrastructure and focus on your unique value prop.

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"Within a year we opened up our supply to eight DSPs - and it was the flexibility of Kevel's APIs that helped us get there."

CTO, Inskin

Your business is unique. Focus on growing it, not writing ad serving algorithms from scratch

White-label Kevel's ad infrastructure and get instant access to core ad serving tech (targeting, decisioning, reporting). Spend that saved dev time building out what differentiates you.


Easily integrate new features and capabilities to make your platform stand out

  • Add targeting by first-party data, intent, context, etc.
  • Flexibility to serve native ads, sponsored listings, and more
  • All the basics - forecasting, pacing, caps, and so on
  • Fully white-labeled. It's your platform, built on Kevel

Native ads


Sponsored listings


Digital Out-Of-Home

Drive new revenue on your terms, without having to build the tech from scratch

Fast response times

We average 28ms


No cookies or JS tags

Fully white-labeled

The front end is all you

Bypass ad blockers

Users don't mind native ads

Kevel also provides the infrastructure for easily adding more DSP/SSP connections

Mediation with Kevel gives you control of your ad auctions and access to 40+ demand sources, both buy-side and sell-side.

Kevel's ad APIs make it easy for ad networks to enhance their capabilities and grow their feature set.

Ad serving APIs and SDKs to bring your vision to life

Kevel believes in the importance of independent ad solutions not run by Google or Amazon

If ad spend is driven through a handful of networks, both publishers and advertisers lose. Kevel wants to equip every ad business with the tools to compete with Google, Amazon, and others who threaten ad innovation.

Discover how Kevel helps ad networks and publishers grow

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Kevel is a great partner, and we recommend them to anyone building a custom ad platform.
Chief Digital Officer, Bed Bath & Beyond