Build a custom ad platform for your food delivery app

Kevel's APIs enable grocery and restaurant delivery apps to monetize with native ads, sponsored listings, personalized products, and more.

"With Kevel, we built a sponsored listings platform that put us ahead of competitors and drove 30% more revenue."

Director of Ad Engineering, Edmunds

Join the retail media explosion

Delivery giants like DoorDash and Instacart monetize with custom ad platforms. Use Kevel to build what they built, in a fraction of the time and cost it took them.

Built for developers. Trusted by enterprises.

Easily monetize with native ads and sponsored products

No annoying ads; server-side ads blend right in
Target by first-party data, context, geo, searches, and more
Build a self-serve buying portal for advertisers
Have a homegrown solution? Use Kevel to scale it and add new features

Sponsored products

Featured search results

Personalized homepage listings

Drive ad revenue without compromising on security or the user experience

Fast response times

We average 28ms


No cookies or JS tags

Fully white-labeled

The front end is all you

SAAS pricing

No rev share model

Drive ad revenue without compromising on security or the user experience

There's a stacked deck against ad monetization. You either use an imperfect third-party vendor, spend years building your own ad platform, or forego ad revenue altogether. Enter Kevel. Use us to easily build a custom marketplace ad platform, so you can take back your revenue, data, and UX.

Want to build a custom ad platform in just weeks?