Launch a new revenue stream with native ads

Kevel's APIs make it easy for non-traditional publishers to monetize with ads in a user-focused way.

"Kevel made it easy to integrate native ads, allowing us to monetize without upsetting our users."

Technical Group Lead, Klarna

Diversify your revenue with a high-margin, user-first ad platform

Want to monetize with ads, but worry standard banners would ruin your user experience? Use Kevel to build a lucrative ad product that users won't mind.

Advertisers will happily pay to reach your valuable audience.

Target using first-party data, intent, context, and more
Native ads blend in and aren't obtrusive
Privacy-first. No ad tags or cookies
Flexibility to serve native ads, sponsored listings, and more

Promoted posts

Sponsored listings

Native ads

Drive new revenue on your terms, without having to build the tech from scratch

Fast response times

We average 28ms


No cookies or JS tags

Fully white-labeled

The front end is all you

Bypass ad blockers

Users don't mind native ads

Drive more revenue and take back the Internet

There's a stacked deck against ad monetization. You either use an imperfect third-party vendor or spend years building your own ad platform. Enter Kevel. Use us to easily build a user-friendly ad platform, so you can take back your revenue, data, and UX.

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