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Build vs Buy: Build an Ad Server From Scratch or with Ad APIs?

Chris Shuptrine
Chris Shuptrine
Updated on
January 14, 2021

You have a vision of launching a high-revenue, innovative ad product (or scaling your homegrown solution). Perhaps you've already looked at Google Ads Manager and realized it's not flexible enough for your needs. The only alternative appears to be building it yourself, from scratch.

kevel build or buy

But does it really make sense to build this entire ad tech stack yourself?

The below eBook will look into when it does — and when you should instead use ad serving infrastructure APIs to speed up the build process. For full screen, you can visit the eBook here.

Interested in Kevel?

Kevel offers the infrastructure APIs needed to quickly build custom ad platforms for sponsored listings, internal promotions, native advertising units, and more - so you can drive new revenue and take back the Internet.

We are committed to the vision that every online retailer and publisher should be able to add user-first ad revenue streams and take back the Internet from Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Customers like Ticketmaster, Yelp, Strava, Mozilla, and many more have already launched successful ad platforms on Kevel.

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