About Kevel

The Kevel Fly Tie was inspired years ago by a fairly common problem: How to preserve a favorite pair of jeans.

Rachel Kearl, Kevel's founder, began working on a fix for the faulty fly. She ran through a number of development cycles, until a modified hair band qualified as the first prototype. The original prototype, which stretched out quickly and eventually would break, was transformed into the reliable, durable, discrete Kevel Fly Tie it is today.

Another application of the Kevel became apparent with the popularity of low-rise jeans. It was at this point that Rachel identified a separate problem with the beloved jeans we all wear...What to do when an expanded waistline creates an unreachable gap between the buttonhole and button? Deep six our favorite jeans and buy a new pant wardrobe? Rachel created the Kevel Perfect Fit to solve this temporary dilemma. Save your money for Fiji, knowing you'll be back to your regular size in no time.

Furthermore, during Rachel's pregnancy, she noticed a more elaborate version of the Fly Tie could accommodate her growing belly. The design later evolved into what is now known as Kevel Mommy - a way to stay in the comfort of your non-maternity pants as long as possible during pregnancy and as soon as possible after pregnancy, available in three sizes. Always quick to apply lessons learned in the laboratory of life, Rachel refined her prototypes until she had created today's current versions; Kevel Mommy, Kevel Perfect Fit and Kevel Fly Tie.