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Customer testimonials

Kevel made it easy to integrate native ads into our mobile app,We’ve built our own platform but it’s all using Kevel’s APIs. Kevel has allowed us to build our platform quickly and with flexibility in terms of the functionalities that we wanted.
Klarna Logo
Hallie Liang
Merchant Ad Experience Lead at Klarna
With Kevel we built the exact internal promotions platform we wanted. No other solution could provide this flexibility.
Ticketmaster logo
VP of Product, Ticketmaster
We chose a backend API solution because minimizing ad latency was important to us. We’re seeing less than 100ms response times with Kevel — an order of magnitude faster than other ad servers
Slickdeals logo
Eugene Faynberg
VP of Ad Operations, SlickDeals
We’re happy we went with Kevel. Even though ads were new to us, their support and tech enabled us to launch this platform quickly, and it’s already started to pay dividends.
Kidizen logo
Dori Graff
CEO and Co-founder at Kidizen
With Kevel we easily connected our CDP to their data management platform, making it possible to incorporate first-party data in every ad decision.
The Motley Fool Logo
Mark Kennedy
Global Tech and Operations Lead at The Motley Fool
[Kevel] has definitely improved things capacity-wise. The number of campaigns we can run and the number of advertisers we can serve is increasing.
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Gabby Wallace
Global Ad Campaigns Team Lead at Klarna