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Adzerk Raises a Series A and Rebrands to Kevel

James Avery
James Avery
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December 6, 2020
Company Highlight

When we started Adzerk 11 years ago, we wanted to build an innovative, fast ad server. The name we chose reflected that. Since then, we’ve worked with countless customers to help them build their own in-house ad products, and we evolved as a company along the way.

To acknowledge that evolution, we’ve rebranded to ‘Kevel’.

This is a name we can make our own, and it sets the stage for the next phase of our growth as an API infrastructure platform.


We also recently raised just over 11 million dollars in our Series A round from Fulcrum Equity, Commerce Ventures, and some value-add angel investors.

We believe that most publishers want to build custom, in-house ad products, like Amazon and Facebook have done. To date, doing that is difficult, as third-party tools are inadequate, and it could take years to do in-house.

That is why Kevel exists: to provide tools that make it easy to build custom ad platforms for sponsored listings, native ads, internal promotions, and more, thereby driving new revenue and taking back the Internet from the big ad tech giants.

Kevel’s mission is to provide ad serving APIs that offer publishers more freedom to build what they want; more action to start making new revenue quickly; and more humanity to monetize with ads that aren’t terrible.

We’ve raised in order to further build out this offering and execute this vision. The funding will go into improving our core tech, adding new features, and providing even more support to our customers.

We thank all our investors, current partners and customers, and everyone reading this who is likewise committed to making the Internet a better place.


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