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Deliver a better UX experience while keeping more of your ad revenue with Kevel’s award-winning APIs.
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Report your ad campaigns your way

Kevel makes sure you get the information you (and your advertisers) need.
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Eliminate on-site JavaScript ad tags that slow load times.
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Enhanced user experience
Inserted ads use the same CSS and layout as your organic content, creating a seamless user experience.
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Improved site performance
Tougher for ad blockers to identify and block your ads, enabling you to monetize 30%-40% more users.

Offset low margins with a high-margin ad platform

Delivery apps can have low margins, so the delivery giants like DoorDash and Instacart monetize with custom ad platforms. Kevel can help you build what they built in a fraction of the time and cost without sacrificing security or user experience.
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Make the most of your first-party data

With top-notch security and app performance.
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No more cookies
Eliminate in-app JavaScript ad tags that slow load times
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No annoying ads
Server-side ads blend right in.
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Self-serve platform
Grow faster with a self-serve buying portal for advertisers.
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Skip ad blockers
Tougher for ad blockers to identify and block your ads, enabling you to monetize 30%-40% more users.
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Smart segmentation
Segment users to provide personalized in-app experiences. Target by first-party data, context, geo, searches, and more.

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“The flexibility of being able to pass additional parameters in the placement request and then target those using custom targeting in Kevel has been really powerful for us.”

Travis Taylor, Group Product Manager, Delivery Hero

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