Enterprise security and compliance built-in

We make it easy to build an industry-leading, user-first, regulation-compliant ad platform — so you can focus on your core product.
Kevel Security

Kevel's tools are compliant under multiple regulatory frameworks, providing needed peace of mind

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SOC 2 Compliant
(Type 1 and 2)
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GDPR Compliant
by default
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CCPA Compliant
by default

Security Benefits of Server-side Ad Serving

Backend server calls mean no intrusive JavaScript or third-party code
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Send us only what you want to share — Server-to-server
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Help comply with GDPR/CCPA — No inadvertent pulling of PII by Kevel
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No hidden cookies — No third-party tags means or illegal data collection
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No Kevel cookies needed
Kevel doesn’t place third-party cookies, so you don’t have to worry about Kevel following your users across the web or breaking because of ITP/SameSite/etc browser changes.
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Security measures
Kevel takes the security of your data seriously, and is committed to protecting your data. For an overview of Kevel's security measures, please see our Whistic portal.

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