Atom Tickets launches innovative ad platform for reaching movie ticket buyers

Atom Tickets’ ads are direct-sold, native, and perform well for advertisers

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What Atom Tickets Wanted

Atom Tickets is one of the leading services for researching showtimes and buying movie tickets. To help monetize their product, Atom Tickets wanted to build an ad platform that would allow movie studios to promote new movies throughout Atom Tickets’ site and app.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a traditional ad server that suited their needs, and building this platform from scratch didn’t make sense from a cost or time perspective.

So Atom Tickets turned to Kevel to easily launch the exact ad platform they were envisioning. Within a month, Atom Tickets had built a robust ad product that enabled studios to advertise their movies via skin ads, homepage carousel promotions, and traditional banner ads.

banner ad

Movie studios love being able to promote their new releases

Through this ad offering, movie studios can promote new films to users in-market to buy tickets. Atom Tickets’ packages include impossible-to-miss skin ads on their homepage, native promotions within the carousel’s rotation, and banner ads across their site and app.

These ads are engaging and highly-visible, and they’re now a high-margin source of revenue for Atom Tickets.

"We wanted a robust solution for managing our direct-sold inventory, and Kevel proved to be the perfect fit."

– Jake Mehring, Senior Director of Ad Operations

request and response

Server-side integration ensures fast load times and native placements

User experience is pivotal to Atom Tickets, so it was important that these ads went with their brand. Fortunately, the integration with Kevel is server-side and doesn’t use ad tags, giving them full control over how the promotions look and feel.

The response times are also less than 50ms on average, meaning the ads won’t slow down their users’ browsing or app experiences.

campaign settings

Automation makes Atom Tickets’ work easier

With Kevel’s UI, Atom Tickets can easily set up, manage, and report on their native ads. This automation ensures that they can focus on improving and selling their ad product — not waste time on manual processes like starting/stopping campaigns.

Atom tickets native ad

These ads work across both their website and app

With Kevel’s platform-agnostic approach, Atom Tickets can serve ads across both their site and app, allowing them to monetize all of their digital properties.

"We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Kevel. Their support team is responsive and very helpful whenever we have questions."

– Jake Mehring, Senior Director of Ad Operations

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