Everli monetizes with targeted sponsored listings

Everli scales ad revenue in months with seamlessly integrated server-side ad units

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What Everli wanted

Everli, Europe's leading marketplace for online grocery shopping, is on a mission to help people simplify their grocery shopping. Headquartered in Milan, Everli partners with more than 100 retailers and CPG companies, serving over 100 cities around Europe.

Everli built a homegrown ad product, but they quickly realized the functionality was limited, and it was unable to scale at their desired pace. It lacked key features like search term relevance, pacing, and revenue optimization capabilities, which limited their targeting abilities. So, after securing €85.2 million in Series C investment, Everli turned to Kevel’s ad APIs to build a sponsored listings platform. Within three months, the sponsored ad units were live across their four regional websites and app, driving revenue immediately.

“In the past, advertising hasn’t been a focus within the grocery sector, but after seeing the success of retail ad platforms from Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and others, we knew this was an important step for our growth.” - Francesco Carnielli, VP of Engineering, Everli.

Sponsored listings with user experience in mind

everli sponsored listing

With Kevel’s APIs, Everli offers advertisers sponsored placements across their sites and app. Using targeted keywords and search terms, advertisers serve their ads to the right user at the right time. With Kevel’s APIs, Everli’s ads are aligned with buyer intent. In weeks, Everli has seen increased CTRs and user engagement with Kevel. The ad units blend seamlessly into Everli’s sites and app, maintaining consistency across the end user’s browsing experience.

“Kevel helped minimize the time it took to integrate ads and allowed us to start earning revenue almost immediately. The sponsored ad units have already shown great success for merchants, and we plan on adding more ad units in the near future with Kevel.” - Francesco Carnielli, VP of Engineering, Everli.

Full backend server-side integration

All of these Kevel-powered sponsored listings and native ads are white-labeled, and the decisions are requested server-side – giving Everli control over how and where the content is displayed. No user data is shared with Kevel without Everli’s permission. Even better – the platform isn’t impacted by ad blockers.

Automation where it matters

Everli easily sets up, manages, and reports on their ad units with Kevel’s UI and Management APIs. The automation ensures they can focus on improving and selling their ad product without wasting time on slow processes like manual reporting.

What’s next

Since launching their sponsored ad units, all of Everli’s key stakeholders have benefitted from the upgraded advertising capabilities. Everli gains a high-margin revenue stream; their advertisers receive increased visibility into their campaigns and more comprehensive targeting capabilities; and the ads help customers discover new – and relevant – products.

The marketplace plans to work with Kevel to roll out additional ad units, including native ads. Stay tuned!

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