Healthily uses contextually-targeted text ads to add value to the user and drive more revenue

Heathily’s ad units are user-friendly and fast-selling.

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What Healthily Wanted

UK-based Healthily is the world’s first medically-approved self-care app. Combining AI with trusted insights, they match personal needs to the latest information from doctors and specialists. Their service is used by millions of people all over the world.

To add value to the user and generate more revenue, Healthily wanted to insert native text ads into their site and app. They knew they had a highly-desirable, engaged audience that advertisers would pay premium prices to reach.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find an ad server that suited their needs, and building it from scratch didn’t make sense.

So Healthily turned to Kevel’s ad APIs to build the exact ad product they wanted, in substantially less time than doing it entirely themselves. They now have a thriving native ad product that is growing month over month.

native ad

Healthily launches unobtrusive text ads that deliver results for advertisers

These text ads appear as users browse Healthily and employ contextual targeting so advertisers can buy ads based on what content the user is searching for. They are direct-sold, and Healthily works only with companies that live up to their high brand standards.

Demand is already outpacing supply, and these ads perform well from a performance perspective too, with the Healthily leads being high quality for advertisers.

"Our ad program is growing exponentially in terms of bookings. Building out our ad business is going to be a focus of ours in the coming years."

– Fred Cornell, VP Publishing

request and response

Server-side integration ensures fast load times and data security

Healthily’s integration is enabled through APIs, so there are no Kevel tags or cookies involved, and Kevel receives only the data Healthily chooses to send.

Additionally, these ad units are fully white-labeled and have response times less than 50ms, so the ads won’t slow down users’ browsing experiences.

"With just two developers, we built the platform in 4 weeks. Kevel’s great documentation and intuitive API approach made it easy for us."

– Fred Cornell, VP Publishing

campaign settings

Automation makes Healthily’s life easier

With Kevel’s UI and Management APIs, Healthily can easily set up campaigns and manage their native text ads. This automation ensures that the team can focus on improving their core platform — instead of spending time manually rotating banners and pausing campaigns when they hit a cap.

a native text ad inside the healthily app

Healthily plans to expand with additional ad units

Healthily has already added these text promotions to their website and app. In the future, they plan to test native banner ads, as well as look into building a self-serve portal for their advertisers.

"We chose Kevel because of their flexibility and server-to-server API approach. The advantages are many — from fast load times to great support to transparent pricing."

– Fred Cornell, VP Publishing

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