LEROY MERLIN Portugal uses affinity-based first-party audiences for website personalization

LEROY MERLIN Portugal quickly launched personalization campaigns targeted with Kevel Audience segments to increase conversion rate by 16%.

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What LEROY MERLIN Portugal wanted

LEROY MERLIN Portugal is the Portuguese branch of the leading European home improvement and gardening retailer. Headquartered in France, they operate more than 290 stores across 12 countries.

As 2020 drove a global shift towards ecommerce, LEROY MERLIN Portugal’s performance marketing team and digital agency needed a solution to enable retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Google. GDPR compliance and personal data protection anchored their search, necessitating a first-party data solution that could still provide highly customizable audiences.

LEROY MERLIN Portugal came to Kevel to segment their traffic into defined first-party audiences in a privacy-first way. Kevel Audience gathered LEROY MERLIN Portugal's behavioral data, joined it with disparate data silos and ecommerce activity, and used that to enhance LEROY MERLIN Portugal's larger digital modernization efforts. Kevel enabled LEROY MERLIN Portugal's larger digital modernization efforts, including connecting data silos and bringing ecommerce activity together with behavioral data. 

Using these audiences, LEROY MERLIN Portugal crafted personalized messaging on their website based on Audience data of user product interactions to drive sales more efficiently. 

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LEROY MERLIN Portugal quickly adds user-personalized banners to their website

LEROY MERLIN Portugal’s personalization team used Kevel to develop audience segments with affinities for particular products. These audiences were activated to a third-party personalization platform managing homepage banners, and the team deployed custom homepage banners featuring images that reflected primary user interests.

For example, a customer  who had viewed, added to cart, or purchased power tools on LEROY MERLIN Portugal's site within a specific time frame would see a custom banner image with those products, while a different customer shopping for outdoor furniture would see a banner featuring a lawn set.

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Personalized banners increased LEROY MERLIN Portugal’s conversion rate and average order value

In A/B tests on the effectiveness of user-personalized banners, test groups A and B received banners with the same copy and an identical 10% discount offer. Group A’s banner used a generic image, while Group B’s banner used a personalized image with a user’s affinity product.

Group B drove higher average order value, conversion rate, and revenue per session when compared to Group A. 

  • Average Order Value (AOV) = +2.87%
  • Conversion Rate (CVR%) = +16.26%
  • Revenue Per Session (RPS) = +19.08%

At LEROY MERLIN Portugal, one of our major goals is to personalize our messages to the customer. Kevel Audience allows us to study and work on our own data with simplicity, autonomy and in detail according to our needs. The ability to easily access our first-party data, and most importantly, the possibility to use different segmentations through machine learning gives us the support we need in different areas of our business, from marketing automation and paid media to growth and onsite personalization.

- Ana André, Data-Driven Marketing Director at LEROY MERLIN Portugal

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Full backend integration

All of these Kevel-powered personalized audiences are based on first-party data, giving LEROY MERLIN Portugal control over how and where the audiences are used, as well as ensuring no user data is shared with Kevel or any marketing platforms without their permission.

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Automation made LEROY MERLIN  Portugal's work easier

Kevel Audience empowers LEROY MERLIN Portugal to make the most of their first-party data, allowing them to identify, set up, and manage valuable audience segments. This automation ensures the team can focus on improving and scaling their personalization effort — not spend time combing through data for insights. 

"With a single software, we have several integrated teams building and activating the same segmentations, enabling a greater internal coordination and allowing us to move towards the ultimate goal of personalizing customer communication on and offsite."

- Ana André, Data-Driven Marketing Director at LEROY MERLIN Portugal

What’s next

With the success of personalized homepage banners, LEROY MERLIN Portugal is excited to continue to work with Kevel to expand their usage of affinity-based audiences across multiple marketing platforms. LEROY MERLIN Portugal’s personalization team is already exploring how to use these audiences to personalize other digital real estate on their site.

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