Mercadão boosts retargeting efficiency with first-party data audiences

The Portuguese supermarket marketplace uses first-party audiences to super-charge paid media campaigns.


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Mercadão Overview

Mercadão is a well-established supermarket marketplace in Portugal with an expansive team of personal shoppers ready to fulfill their clients’ orders within 2 hours. Mercadão offers real-time order tracking and operates across local supermarkets to ensure same day deliveries and a swift, personalized customer experience. 

What Mercadão Wanted

Mercadão is constantly on the lookout for creative ways to engage and maximize the efficiency of their paid media and retargeting campaigns aimed at a highly recurring customer base. 

Given the fast-paced nature of the supermarket industry and their large volume of customers, the Portuguese marketplace recognized the importance of utilizing their very own first-party data. Mercadão was seeking a way to improve insights to generate bespoke audiences and boost retention performance, particularly on paid media campaigns.

The Solution

Kevel Audience equipped Mercadão with the right tools to understand and predict their customers’ behavior with unsurpassed granularity. With Kevel Audience, Mercadão can now leverage their first-party data to ship effective audience segments, powered by features like Kevel’s predictive models, proxy segmentation, and RFM mapping. 

At the forefront of Mercadão’s priorities was the ability to experiment -- ensuring optimized efficiency and constant improvement. Audience’s features gave Mercadão the freedom to experiment, ultimately leading to Mercadão finding their perfect mix of audiences to deploy.

“Tapping into our first-party data not only maximizes the efficiency of our paid media efforts aimed at retention but also unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities within our own customer base like granular email marketing which we’re just starting to explore.” - Rafael Costa, Growth & Acquisition Lead, Mercadão

Rafael Costa - Mercadão
Rafael Costa, Mercadão Growth & Acquisition Lead

Mercadão leverages first-party data combined with predictive capabilities and RFM scoring

Currently, Mercadão deploys audiences which include: 

  • Long time heavy buyers with less than a configured amount orders
    Combining an auto-generated audience using Kevel Audience’s RFM map with a threshold of a particular number of orders completed.
  • Heavy buyers who have churned
    This is a ready to use, auto-generated audience using Kevel Audience’s RFM map.
  • Active potential buyers with likelihood to buy score greater than x
    A predictive audience using Kevel Audience’s machine learning to score visitors based on purchase intent.

As of June 2023, these are just a few of Mercadão’s top 10 audiences that they’ve employed across retention campaigns in paid media, running on Google Ads -- with great success.

mercadao personal shopper image

Kevel Audience helps Mercadão boost revenue

Kevel-powered audiences helped Mercadão: 

  • Yield +1,500 more sales across Q1 and Q2 
  • Boost ROAS by +83% more than controlled, “business-as-usual” audiences
  • Reduce cost per purchase by 45% 

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