Moviflor maximizes revenue by streamlining remarketing efficacy across Facebook Ads campaigns

The Portuguese home furnishings retailer leverages first-party data and predictive modeling to make the most of media investments.


Total Facebook Ads Remarketing Revenue


Facebook Ads Revenue with Kevel Audience

What Moviflor Wanted

Moviflor is a successful Portuguese retailer that specializes in home goods and furnishings. From their consultancy and execution services - offered at three brick-and-mortar locations throughout Portugal - to an e-commerce platform with an expansive inventory, when it comes to homes, Moviflor has it covered. 

But for this retailer, simply connecting shoppers to home goods wasn’t enough. Moviflor wanted to better utilize existing data to understand their audience on a deeper level. 

The Challenge

“Having access to data alone does not take us anywhere,” said Moviflor Digital Marketing Manager, Carlos Martins. “The important thing is to know what to do with it and turn this information into valid knowledge for our business.” 

Enter: Kevel Audience. Using first-party data and Kevel Audience’s machine-learning and segmentation tools, Moviflor saw a substantial leap in their Facebook Ads revenue, with YoY growth as great as 329.56% from 2021 to 2022.

Moviflor levels up their data with predictive audiences

Kevel Audience helped equip Moviflor with the right tools to enhance their remarketing efficiency in paid Facebook ad campaigns. In this case, the right tool for the job was the

Likelihood to Buy model. This insight allowed Moviflor to better identify and cater to potential buyers, with this audience segment making up almost half of Moviflor’s Facebook Ads remarketing revenue by the end of 2022.

“With Kevel Audience, we managed to create audiences that make our campaigns have the best possible performance, optimizing the value of the investment made…”
- Carlos Martins, Digital Marketing Manager, Moviflor

The Solution

Likelihood to Buy Predictive Attribute

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The Likelihood to Buy attribute is one of many audience segmentation tools available with Kevel Audience. These attributes are available along a dedicated model to offer insight and predictions regarding a user’s likelihood to buy a product from a single or set of categories. 

Increased yearly revenue

This partnership in Paid Media Platforms proved exceptionally successful, with huge revenue growth for Moviflor in 2022. With Kevel-driven audiences, Moviflor was able to experience a YoY increase in Facebook Ads remarketing revenue by +329.56%

Kevel helps you unlock audience insights and protect your investments

Making the most of your first-party data is a highly-profitable first step toward better understanding and connecting with your audience. Your business deserves to maximize paid for campaigns and Kevel Audience helps you do just that. 

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