PROF expands with audience segmentation and increases revenue in just one week

The high-end Portuguese retailer uses first-party data and targeted email promotions to turn new customers into repeat buyers.


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What PROF Wanted

PROF is a luxe shoes, clothing, and accessories retailer with 18 brick-and-mortar locations throughout Portugal and an ecommerce platform reaching shoppers in 30+ countries. 

PROF expected an influx of shoppers following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but struggled to find ways to make the most of this post-holiday success and transform seasonal buyers into repeat customers. Not one to lose steam, PROF wanted to grow their customer base by reaching these sales-savvy shoppers with a promotional email campaign. 

Kevel Audience was just the tool PROF needed to achieve their goals - and then some.

PROF swiftly targets new buyers using Kevel Audience 

Kevel Audience helped PROF better leverage their first-party data through audience segmentation. Now, not only could PROF specifically target Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers, but with tools like the RFM Map, they gained valuable insight into their buyers through metrics like purchase count and recency.

Custom RFM Map supports PROF’s goals 

Kevel Audience’s RFM Map is an essential tool for organizing first-party data into straightforward segments, helping identify new opportunities and areas that may need some nurturing. 

custom rfm map for prof
Images are illustrative and don't reflect Prof's data

Kevel Audience segments include:

promising segment
  1. Just Acquired 
  2. Promising
  3. Recent Heavy Buyers
  4. Long-Term Heavy Buyers
  5. Nurturing
  6. And more 

Since Kevel Audience’s segments are more adaptable and curated than one-size-fits-all, PROF worked alongside Kevel’s CS team to identify and nurture RFM Map settings that aligned with their unique business goals. In this case, Kevel Audience helped PROF figure out what audiences to target to encourage repeat purchases and drive revenue.

Machine learning helps PROF predict buyer behavior

First-party data is only as valuable as you make it. With Kevel Audience’s machine learning, PROF is able to use their data to help predict crucial information, like when a buyer might make their next purchase, or worse, when a buyer might “churn,” aka lose interest or stop buying. 

The ability to gauge shoppers’ interest and disinterest played a key role in PROF’s successful email campaign strategy. This increased insight allowed PROF to create the right message -- an act-fast promo -- and ensure it reached the right audience segment, at the right time. 

Kevel Audience helped PROF drive revenue like never before

By leveraging their first-party data with Kevel Audience, PROF saw greater success in their email campaign than any that preceded it, even with a short lifespan of just one week. Understanding buyers’ behavior empowered PROF to achieve better open, click and conversion rates than ever before. 

  • Open rate = 2x compared to PROF’s average open rate 
  • Click-through-rate (CTR) = 3x compared to PROF’s average CTR
  • Conversion rate = 7.2x compared to PROF’s average conversion rate

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