Ticketmaster increases revenue by personalizing which events users see

The leading ticket marketplace uses ad serving tech to increase ticket sales by 200%


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What Ticketmaster Wanted

Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticket sales company, had a homegrown, manual solution for deciding which events users saw on the homepage and category pages.

As Ticketmaster scaled, however, it became tougher to manage this process. Not only did the marketing team have to ask engineering to make changes, but it also didn't incorporate real-time information like what was selling well.

Unfortunately, fixing this problem wasn't easy. They didn't have the resources to build a new solution, and no CMS or standard ad server could provide the flexibility they needed.

So Ticketmaster turned to Kevel's APIs to easily augment their internal promotions platform. With Kevel, Ticketmaster added all the features and automation they were looking for, allowing them to show the right events to the right user at the right time (and drive more revenue).

Ad Example

By personalizing what events people see, Ticketmaster increased their CTR by 600%

By using ad serving tech to display these promotions, Ticketmaster can incorporate complex targeting, like geography and time of day, while also including data like what is selling well. Plus, Ticketmaster taps their first-party data to personalize the events even further.

By showing the right content at the right time, Ticketmaster increased sales revenue from these placements by increasing their CTR by 600%.

  • 600% higher click through rate
  • 200%+ increase in revenue from homepage listings
  • First-party data and contextual targeting ensures relevance

"With Kevel we built the exact internal promotions platform we wanted. No other solution could provide this flexibility."

– VP of Product, Ticketmaster

Request and Response

Server-side integration means these promotions blend in

All of the Kevel-powered internal promotions are white-labeled and the decisions are requested server-side — giving Ticketmaster total control over how the promotions are displayed.

  • Kevel-powered events look exactly the same as before
  • API response times as low as 50ms, even at scale
  • Ticketmaster built this bespoke platform in just weeks

"Before Kevel, the events promoted on our site were manually-managed. Kevel's APIs enabled us to automate the process, which made launching campaigns easier and increased CTRs by as much as 600%."

– VP of Product, Ticketmaster

Campaign Settings

Ad serving tech make these promotions easy to manage and report on

The marketing team no longer needs to ask engineering to make site changes — and it's easy to assign start and end dates to when events should run.

    75% reduction in campaign set-up times

Ad example

Extension to other use cases

Ticketmaster now uses Kevel to power promotions on their site, on mobile, and in e-mails. Increasing the number of placements helps to drive increased event awareness and purchases.

"With Kevel we didn't have to build a custom ad server from scratch. They saved us a year and millions of dollars."

– VP of Product, Ticketmaster

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