TouchTunes builds innovative DOOH ad platform for their digital jukeboxes

TouchTunes integrates both direct-sold and programmatic ads into their jukeboxes.

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What TouchTunes Wanted

TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform. Their pay-for-play digital jukeboxes can be found in over 75,000 bars and restaurants in North America and Europe.

In order to drive additional revenue, TouchTunes was looking for an ad server to insert ads into their digital-out-of-home jukeboxes. This was no easy task: traditional ad servers that relied on JavaScript tags were not an option, and building it themselves would be time-consuming and costly.

So TouchTunes turned to Kevel’s server-side APIs, which provided the flexibility needed to build their ideal DOOH ad product in just weeks.

TouchTunes now has a robust DOOH ad product

TouchTunes’s ad platform comprises multiple ad units, including direct-sold interactive ads, on-screen banner ads, and RTB pre-roll video ads.

Users can see these promotions on TouchTunes’s jukeboxes, and the ads are engaging and hard-to-miss. Advertisers love these highly-visible, interactive ad units, and they pay premiums to purchase them.

Targeting Capabilities

TouchTunes layers on high-value targeting options

Traditional DOOH ad platforms have limited targeting capabilities, but TouchTunes uses Kevel to offer an impressive array of targeting controls, including geography, day parting, music genre, and more.

Request Response

Server-side integration enables this DOOH ad product

Traditional ad servers require JavaScript or in-app SDKs, which aren’t feasible for DOOH devices like smart jukeboxes. TouchTunes instead needed a flexible server-side solution, which only Kevel could provide.

Using Kevel’s APIs, TouchTunes built a proxy server that requests ads from Kevel, caches them, and then sends them to the right jukeboxes as needed.

touchtunes ad banner

TouchTunes uses Kevel to insert programmatic pre-roll video ads too

With Kevel, TouchTunes also has a one-stop ad server for both direct-sold ads and programmatic demand.

Through Kevel’s integration with exchanges like Magnite and Place Exchange, TouchTunes can insert these RTB pre-roll videos into their jukeboxes and drive additional revenue, even without JavaScript.

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