UpWest leverages customer purchase behavior, to drive reconversion and increase revenue

Kevel Audience's RFM Segmentation Map enabled UpWest to evaluate its customer base and create effective, targeted reconversion campaigns.

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What UpWest wanted

UpWest is a direct-to-consumer, purpose-driven lifestyle brand focused on providing comfort through mindfully made apparel for modern men and women.

UpWest and Kevel Audience first partnered in 2020 to create first-party, data-driven customer and visitor audiences across all of their paid media campaigns. Before Audience, UpWest used tools natively available within Google and Facebook to optimize their campaigns. But these tools weren’t enough. So, UpWest came to Kevel Audience to target anonymous prospects visiting their website based on their likelihood to purchase and segmented customers based on their buying history.

Using Kevel Audience, UpWest created dynamic audiences

As their customer dataset grew, UpWest identified an opportunity to optimize their customer reconversion rate to increase revenue through repeat purchases. The team worked with Kevel Audience to further break down customer audiences to better reach these customers and drive them to purchase.

Dynamic audiences drive reconversion

Using Kevel Audience, UpWest created dynamic audiences to effectively advertise to existing customers to drive them back to their site to explore, and reconvert. As customers move through the exploration and purchase process, the audiences update automatically, switching users into the campaign that best correlates with their current intent. 

By meeting customers with messages reflective of their current intent, campaign performance improved, and UpWest drove additional revenue through repeat purchases.


RFM Segmentation Map enables personalization and increased performance

UpWest is the first adopter of Kevel Audience’s RFM Segmentation Map, which creates audiences based on customers’ recency, frequency and monetary value scores. The audiences created from the map enable UpWest to personalize customer communications based on whether the customer is just acquired, a high value customer, at risk of churning or has already churned. UpWest successfully used these dynamic segments targeting existing customers that drove additional revenue and increased performance on Facebook.

RFM sementation map
*Data is generic and not taken from UpWest

Automation made UpWest's work easier

Kevel Audience makes it simple for UpWest to identify insights and opportunities, as well as create and manage their audience segments. This automation ensures they efficiently improve and scale their personalization and campaign performance efforts — providing their team valuable time and resource savings. 

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