WeTransfer integrates beautiful native ads into their file sharing platform

WeTransfer monetizes their site without needing ad tags or cookies

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What WeTransfer Wanted

Netherland’s WeTransfer provides a collection of tools designed for and inspired by the creative process. Their flagship file-sharing product handles two billion file transfers a month, and they have 80 million monthly users from almost 200 countries.

To monetize free users, WeTransfer was using a JavaScript-based third-party ad server to place ads on their homepage. When that service shut down, however, they needed an alternative. At the same time, privacy laws like GDPR began enforcement, and their research showed that no tag-based ad server offered the data controls they needed to be compliant.

They contemplated building an ad product in-house from scratch, but quickly realized that doing so would be costly and time-consuming.

So WeTransfer turned to Kevel’s server-side ad APIs to easily launch the exact ad platform they were envisioning. Within a month, WeTransfer built a custom native ad product that worked without cookies or ad tags — ensuring users can send files without being tracked.

WeTransfer Native Ad

WeTransfer’s native ads actually enhance the user experience

Rather than insert oddly-placed banner ads, WeTransfer opted for a full native experience, with beautiful wallpaper ads surrounding the transfer box. These curated, high-resolution images provide personality to what would otherwise be an empty screen, helping to make the user experience more engaging.

"Kevel offers the freedom to own our ad monetization tech stack. This flexibility and customization would not have been possible with any other solution."

– Natascha Chamuleau, Chief Advertising Officer

Request and Response

Server-side integration means no cookies or ad tags

Since WeTranfer's integration is all done server-side, there are no Kevel tags or cookies on WeTransfer’s site, and the only data Kevel receives is what the user and WeTransfer consent to send.

Additionally, these ad units are fully white-labeled and have response times less than 50ms, so the ads won’t slow down the users’ browsing experiences.

"Our users and creators are our most important assets, so we weren’t going to monetize in a way that disrespected their privacy. With Kevel, we built an ad platform that’s engaging and profitable — and which doesn’t share or sell our users’ data."

– Natascha Chamuleau, Chief Advertising Officer

Campaign Settings

Automation made WeTransfer’s life easier

Having access to Kevel’s UI and Management APIs makes it easy for WeTransfer to set up campaigns and manage their native ads. This automation ensures that the WeTransfer team can focus on improving their ad product — not spend time troubleshooting targeting, reporting, etc.

WeTransfer homa page

Internal promotions and donated ads can easily be rotated in

WeTransfer also wanted the flexibility to incorporate both in-house promotions and “donated ads” that highlight creators and causes (while still ensuring advertisers hit their volume targets). Using Kevel’s tools, they set up rules allowing these internal promotions to seamlessly rotate in without impacting their agreements with partners.

We Transfer Native Ad

Brands love WeTransfer's powerful, rich media ads

WeTransfer continues to evolve their ad product, with static, video, and rich media ad units. Brands love the engaging ad experiences — especially compared to the basic banner ads they buy elsewhere.

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