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— VP of Product, Ticketmaster

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Target using first-party data
Create self-serve advertising portals
Employ first and second price auctions
Offer city and geo-radius targeting
curl -H 'Content-Type:application/json' \ -X POST \ -d '{"placements":[{ "divName":"div1", "networkId":23, "siteId":667480, "adTypes":[5]}], "user":{"key":"abc"}}' \ \ https://e-23.adzerk.net/api/v2
{ "user": { "key": "abc" }, "decisions": { "div1": { "adID": 1234567, "creativeID": 7654321, "flightID": 9876543, "campaignID": 3456789, "clickURL": "https://e-123.kevel.com...", "imageURL": "https://e-123.kevel.com...", "height": 250, "width": 300, ... } } }

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Bypass ad blockers with ad server APIs
Automate your current manual processes

Drive ad revenue without compromising on security or the user experience

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