Kevel API Quickstart

1. Post

Post an ad request to Kevel when you need a decision made (no JavaScript tags needed).

curl -H 'Content-Type:application/json' \
  -X POST \
  -d '{"placements":[{
  "user":{"key":"abc"}}' \

2. Parse

Parse the JSON response from Kevel that contains info and tracking links for the winning ad.

{ "user": { "key": "abc" },
  "decisions": {
    "div1": {
      "adID": 1234567,
      "creativeID": 7654321,
      "flightID": 9876543,
      "campaignID": 3456789,
      "clickURL": "",
      "imageURL": "",
      "height": 250,
      "width": 300,

3. Place

Place the content wherever you want, such as your site, app, OOH digital property, etc.

Kevel Example Solution
Executable Code Samples

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Test in JSFiddle

import adzerk_decision_sdk

# Demo network, site, and ad type IDs; find your own via the Kevel UI!
client = adzerk_decision_sdk.Client(23, site_id=667480)

request = {
  "placements": [{"adTypes": [5]}],
  "user": {"key": "abc"},
  "keywords": ["keyword1", "keyword2"],

response = client.decisions.get(request)

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