The 2024 Guide To Launching Your Own Retail Media Network

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January 9, 2024
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Retail media” is an ad tech buzzword for good reason: this $100 billion dollar industry is worth the investment.Many retailers, however, either don’t monetize their site/app at all, or rely on ad networks to serve imperfect banner ads at the expense of user experience. Such ads also slow down page load times, impacting sales substantially.

Fortunately, retailers are increasingly launching retail media ad platforms for integrating user-friendly ads that target using first-party data, search terms, geo, and more. These ads include sponsored listings in search results, brand ads within homepage carousels, and even in-store ads on digital screens like smart TV displays and freezer doors.

This guide takes a deep dive into:
  • What retail media is
  • Why you should monetize with retail media
  • How to launch your own retail media platform