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The Leading 100 Awards Kevel “Standout” Status For 2023

Holly Shuffett
Holly Shuffett
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May 10, 2023
Company Highlight

We are excited to announce that Kevel has been selected for The Leading 100’s top innovative tech start-ups driving the future of brand-to-consumer. 

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Source: The Lead Marketing

With features in Forbes, Vogue, and a committee dedicated to curating and recognizing the best start-ups in tech each year, Kevel is honored to be recognized in The Leading 100’s 2023 marketing category. 

“We're really thrilled to be included in this list. Our mission statement is to help companies take back the internet, and our internal values are all about making the internet a better place,” shared Kevel CEO James Avery. “Being recognized as a company who helps consumers online really means that we're doing the right thing for our customers, and in turn, for their customers."

"These companies are solving business problems, powering growth, and helping brands deliver on customer expectations through innovative, accessible, and powerful technology solutions.”        - The Lead

The Lead is a Brooklyn-based media and events company best known for their annual summits and highly-anticipated research list, The Leading 100. The Leading 100 List recognizes high impact technology start-ups that are transforming the direct-to-consumer business model and driving business value for brands and retailers. 

“The companies selected for The Leading 100 list represent some of the best examples of how technology innovation is helping address the needs of this rapidly evolving business environment,” said The Lead’s Chief Content Officer, Sonal Gandhi. “Some are helping brands get the best out of latest advances in powerful technologies such as AI, while others are creating solutions to optimize efficiency and productivity across the value chain.” 

Kevel the leading 100 banner
Source: The Lead Marketing

Not only does Kevel strive to improve the efficacy of customers’ tech investments but we also aim to keep the Internet open, free, and user-friendly. To learn more about Kevel’s award-winning solutions, get in touch today

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