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Kevel Newsletter: Edition #23 "Greener Pastures Ahead: Scott's & Home Depot's RMN Team-Up"

Holly Shuffett
Holly Shuffett
Updated on
May 28, 2024
Kevel Newsletter
Kevel & Canva, 2024.

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Rooted In Data

The story: Lawncare brand Scott’s Miracle-Gro is capitalizing on the upcoming season by featuring commercials in The Home Depot’s newly rebranded retail media network, Orange Apron Media. Scott’s has been a key partner since Home Depot began their retail media business in 2022, and is now among the first to test its new channel expansion into connected TV (CTV) and streaming. 

Scott’s has showcased their experimental and proactive approach to retail media, engaging with networks to access first-party data and insights -- essential pieces in their marketing strategies. While Scott’s itself doesn’t heavily collect first-party data, partnering with RMNs allows them to benefit from retailers’ consumer data. 

The takeaway: Scott’s Miracle-Gro’s strategic use of RMNs to enhance their marketing efforts grants them valuable first-party data and insights, driving more effective targeting and campaign performance measurement. And an investment in retail media, especially early on in development, allows Scott’s to influence the growth and customization of the platform, ensuring RMNs will meet advertiser needs. 


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