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2022 Product Update: Proving Your Ad Platform's Effectiveness

Tiffany Hsu
Tiffany Hsu
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January 31, 2022

"Is my ad platform effective?"

After having an ad platform for a while, you might be asking this question. At Kevel, we aren’t in the business of just helping you launch ad platforms – we want you to grow them too, which means showing advertisers the value of their ad spend.

That’s why we launched features for tracking ROAS.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) tracking and optimization are key for both you and your advertisers, especially for marketplace and e-commerce customers. You can now track gross merchandise value (GMV) with Kevel, the first step in launching ROAS reporting.

Just append “?gmv=” to event pixels to track the GMV of conversions attributed to ads. The value will appear in reporting, real-time reporting, and data shipping.

More ROAS reporting and optimization coming soon!

One stop shop for native video ads

You can now upload large video ad files to Kevel for cloud-based transcoding, making Kevel your one-stop shop for video-based ads. By transcoding videos into a streaming-optimized format, we ensure the best experience no matter the user’s device. Set up ads, upload the video files, and activate campaigns all from the Kevel dashboard.

Learn more on the assets documentation page, and to access this feature, contact your CSM or email support@kevel.co.

Video Transcribing

As always, Kevel is committed to user data safety

So, we created API Key Authenticated Decision API Endpoints, preventing malicious users from accessing user data and recording fraudulent events.

This optional feature allows customers to better secure their networks. You can enable this for Decision, Event, and UserDB endpoints.

That means (when enabled):

  • Decisions: Requests to the Decision API will not return a decision without a valid API key in the request.
  • Event: EventURLS will not count towards reported metrics without a valid API key.
  • UserDB: Requests to UserDB will not succeed without a valid API key.

To enable this, please contact your CSM or email support@kevel.co.

You asked, we delivered

We’ve made significant improvements to our Decision Explainer UI, our Decision API debugging tool. We added several additional creature comforts and data points like:

  • Display ad-level keyword targeting, customer targeting, and site/zone targeting rules
  • Display ad-level pacing goals
  • Display creative name & link
  • Display UserDB records
  • Display creative template values
  • Display friendly names and details for ad types
  • Display human-readable country and region names for geo-targeting rules
  • Recommend 100% goal while testing
  • Improved pixel list UI

Other key updates:


We have two main reporting updates:

  1. Exclude filters: When setting up new reports, you now can “Exclude” or “Include” items.
  2. Edit scheduled reports: You should now see an “edit” icon for existing scheduled reports.

Status Bar Improvements:

We’ve simplified status indicators within the UI to help you understand the health of your campaigns, flights, and ads. Previously, the status bar tracked only impression goals, but now you can track for click and conversion goals as well.

For more information, please visit our dev docs. To get started with any new features, contact us at support@kevel.co.

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