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Kevel Spotlight on Pohla Saromo, Frontend Software Engineer

Natalie Palfreman
Natalie Palfreman
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August 4, 2023
Company Highlight

Introducing Pohla Saromo

Pohla Saromo
Pohla is a Frontend Software Engineer based in Woodbridge, Virginia

What brought you to Kevel?

What brought me to Kevel was the transparency of the values that the company openly talks about. Now that I’ve been working in the company for 10 months, I can confidently say that these values are truly lived and practiced throughout the organization.

Which company value resonates with you the most and why?

'Be Open'

As someone new in the field, I have a lot of things to learn. I feel so grateful that my little questions and opinions are taken seriously and seen as something valuable. This kind of supportive and respectful environment is what pushes me to achieve greater things.

How would you describe the culture at Kevel?  

I would describe the culture at Kevel as a collaborative and positive environment which inspires everyone to thrive and share the same goals.

What is one thing that you do to help balance professional and home life?

I make sure to set aside time for the things I enjoy and not feel overwhelmed when I face work challenges. Remember to take breaks and disconnect from work when necessary. 

Funny enough, I’ve had a greater chance of solving the coding problem whenever I move away from my computer than trying to solve it in one sitting for many hours.

What are some of your favorite things you like to do outside of work?

Hangout and eat out with friends, visit new coffee shops, watch Friends over and over and laugh at every episode as if it was my first time watching it.

Pohla enjoying a croissant

If you weren’t in this career, what could you see yourself doing?

I recently became interested in the world of coffee and latte art-making. Though mastering it requires dedication and a lot of practice, the joy I feel in producing a beautiful and great-tasting coffee makes it all worth it. This newfound passion has inspired me to consider working in the coffee industry and aspire to run my own coffee shop one day. However, I am well aware that it will take a long time before that happens.

a cup of coffee
another cup of coffee. A bit cuter.

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