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Kevel Spotlight on Simon Ramzi, Senior Software Engineer

Natalie Palfreman
Natalie Palfreman
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June 12, 2023
Company Highlight

Introducing Simon Ramzi

Simon Ramzi is a Senior Software Engineer in the management team and is based in London.

Simon Ramzi
Simon Ramzi, Senior Software Engineer

How long have you worked at Kevel? 

Since September 2022, so 10 months of service so far and I have very much been enjoying the experience! 

I had a great feeling about the company and knew that I wanted to work for Kevel right from the beginning of the recruitment process, it just felt like the right career path for me. I was lucky enough to be offered the position and since then the time has flown by, it’s been an interesting ride with many challenges along the way.

I work with a great team in London.  A highlight for me has to be the company ‘All Hands’ in Boston last year. It was great to meet in person so many Kevellers having only met many of my colleagues via virtual meeting rooms. Being a remote-first company it is always great to bring people together and to have that chance to get to know your colleagues.

What is your role here and how would you summarize what you do?

My role is that of ‘Senior Software Engineer’ on the management team where day to day I help to provide the best possible user experience for our customers through the user interface as well as our APIs. It requires a strong understanding of multiple languages as well as their interoperability, and also involves working across many different components which form part of a complex, distributed system. There is definitely NEVER a dull moment!

How did you get into software engineering?

I’ve always wanted to know how to program from a young age. There is a story that my parents have relayed to me from my childhood - they bought a VCR for the family and initially struggled to set it up. Apparently when they left the room I managed to programme the VCR! My parents were amazed as I was so young but I guess that was an early sign of the career path that I would later follow. 

Much later, I went onto study Electronics Engineering at the University of York and found my ideal path into programming via my studies, with my gateway languages being C, Java and C#. This is something that has grown exponentially over the years, and I’ve enjoyed solving various challenges in additional languages including Scala, Typescript and Clojure along the way.

Which Kevel company value resonates with you the most?

‘We are all adults' is a value that I love, it sets the tone throughout the company and the overall Kevel experience and is a value that I couldn’t recommend highly enough. It assumes trust, grants autonomy, promotes high quality communication and ultimately I have found that it leads to a motivated work environment with staff that genuinely care about the contribution that they make.

Everyone is here for a reason, and this value ensures that we can build a base of people who care, who bring strong results and means  everyone at Kevel strives towards the same high standards.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

One of my bucket list items is to go to Longyearbyen to see the Northern Lights for the incredible beauty, and perhaps a few polar bears too!

Longyearbyen, Svalbard in Norway. Photo by Cezary Morga on Unsplash
Longyearbyen, Svalbard in Norway. Photo by Cezary Morga on Unsplash

What’s your favorite food?

That’s an easy one: Cheesecake! My public GitHub handle is @honeycomb-cheesecake because why not merge your passion for software with the best food in the world?!

Simon with his Lemon and Orange Zest Baked New York Cheesecake
Simon with his Lemon and Orange Zest Baked New York Cheesecake

If you weren’t in this career, what could you see yourself doing?

A chef! As I love cooking different dishes in my spare time, and just love food in general.

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