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Nikhil Raj, founding executive of Walmart Labs, joins Kevel’s Board

Sarah Wheeler
Sarah Wheeler
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July 11, 2022
Company Highlight

Today we're happy to announce that Nikhi Raj, partner at Bain & Co. and founding executive of Walmart Labs, has joined our Board of Directors.

Raj has extensive experience leading teams across product, growth, and marketing. He previously held the position of Vice President of Advertising and Marketing Products for Walmart. He was also the founding executive of Walmart Labs, via the acquisition of Kosmix, where he helped grow the team from approximately seven employees to over 150 in four years.

Following his success at Walmart, Raj became the Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Product Officer at Paysa, and is currently an expert partner at Bain & Company’s Advanced Analytics and Customer Strategy & Marketing practices, based in Silicon Valley. He started his career as an aerodynamicist for the Jaguar Racing Formula 1 team.

As an early pioneer in retail media, Raj is a natural fit for Kevel, whose retail media platform is used by many retailers and e-commerce brands, including Klarna, Ticketmaster, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

"As an entrepreneur, I not only look for great tech and a passionate team, but also the opportunity to create a new category. Kevel’s technology is exciting because it’s redefining ad monetization and making it easy for all brands to launch high-revenue retail media products. I look forward to being a part of their growth."- Nikhil Raj, partner at Bain & Co."

"I couldn’t be more honored to welcome Nikhil to our board. He brings a unique perspective, great network, and valuable insights to help take us to the next level."- James Avery, CEO and founder of Kevel" %}

We look forward to working closely with Nikhil over the coming years!

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