Digital Marketing Institute Multiplies Revenue with Kevel Audience

The Digital Marketing Institute creates custom audiences to drive its media investment

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What the Digital Marketing Institute wanted

The Digital Marketing Institute has been the global leader in preparing students and professionals to excel at digital marketing. Their certification courses are the only globally recognized courses and are endorsed by some of the top industry bodies including the American Marketing Association. To date, the Digital Marketing Institute has certified over 42,000 graduates in 167 countries around the world.

The Digital Marketing Institute was looking for a new cost-efficient way to scale and improve conversion performance, while still being able to communicate the value of their courses to potential students from around the world.

Using Kevel Audience to access their own data and automate audience segmentation. Digital Marketing Institute was able to successfully doubled its revenue on Google Ads.

DMI was looking for a new cost-efficient way to scale and improve conversion performance

The Challenge

Digital Marketing Institute was looking for ways to optimize its media investment and move the needle on performance metrics like customer acquisition cost (CAC) and return on ad spend (ROAS), while facing market challenges including higher media costs and increased competition.

They needed help identifying and targeting their most valuable current customers and reaching their most likely future customers in order to improve conversion performance and revenue.

Machine-learning predictive model that identifies their highest-value audiences

Machine-learning audience identification

Kevel Audience's technology has a powerful machine-learning predictive model that identifies their highest-value audiences and enables them to activate these audiences in real-time as segments in any advertising/marketing channels.

"Working with the Audience team has been key to the success of the experiment for us. (...) Kevel's audiences add targeting capabilities that other providers don't."

- Seán McKenna, Head of Digital Marketing @ The Digital Marketing Institute

Audience activation on Google Ads

Digital Marketing Institute's approach was built around three pillars: first, gathering information from their customers and website visitors; second, segmenting those customers and visitors through Kevel's machine learning algorithms; and third, using this first-party data to build audiences as part of an experiment on Google Ads. 

These actionable audiences allowed Digital Marketing Institute to ensure that their campaigns were reaching the most relevant audiences at scale. 

Aligned with their advertising agency, Digital Marketing Institute performed the first test on Google Search targeting the US market with tiers of segments with different levels of likelihood to buy, in order to understand if this setup could increase results when compared to their standard segments.

Increased revenue in months

This Google Search Experiment in the US market showed that during the experimental period (December 7th, 2021 – March 3rd, 2022) the campaign with Kevel-driven audiences was able to:

  • Increase ecommerce revenue by +2.9X
  • Lead revenue by +72%
  • Total revenue by +105%.

This campaign was also more efficient: CAC (Cost per Acquisition) decreased by 57% while ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) increased by 120%.

Due to the campaign's success, they decided to roll out the same strategy to other markets like Ireland, Australia and Canada, starting with the United Kingdom.

campaign metrics


Kevel Makes First-Party Data Easier

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