PropertyGuru launches Promoted Listings in just 14 days

Kevel's flexible APIs help Southeast Asia's leading digital property marketplace expand agent visibility in a matter of weeks

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What PropertyGuru Wanted

Since their inception in 2007, PropertyGuru has grown to become Southeast Asia’s leading PropTech company and the preferred destination for over 37 million property seekers to connect with over 59,000 agents each month. With more than 2.9 million real estate listings, in-depth insights, and solutions, PropertyGuru empowers property seekers to make confident property decisions across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Always striving to prioritize customer and consumer experience, PropertyGuru needed the right ad infrastructure to keep up with their ever-changing industry and achieve their vision of success. To build the functionalities they wanted, PropertyGuru required flexible and scalable tools. That's where Kevel came in.

Improved search function and Promoted Listings

Prior to partnering with Kevel, the team at PropertyGuru found themselves constrained by their in-house tool which only supported simple, manually-run ads. PropertyGuru’s platform search function was also limited, only providing users hyper-specific search results relating directly to their given search parameters. 

This led to a system which prevented agents from increasing their reach across the PropertyGuru user base.

These limitations meant reduced visibility for real estate agents looking to advertise on PropertyGuru and longer wait times for property seekers to get matched with their dream homes. 

Self-serve capabilities 

While the top priorities for the Southeast Asian brand included building out their search functionality and Promoted Listings, the PropertyGuru team also wanted to launch a self-serve portal as a way to better serve agents and property developers looking to advertise. 

The Challenge

With their previous in-house solution, the team at PropertyGuru found that users would only be directed to exact matches of property specifications. This meant homes just outside of a specified radius or slightly over budget would never make it to potential buyers’ search results, limiting their reach. 

To continue delivering the best possible experience for users and advertisers, evolve to meet the market demand, and achieve their growth goals, the PropertyGuru team knew they needed a flexible ad infrastructure that could support the complex targeting capabilities they wanted without sacrificing data privacy or full control of their ad platform. 

The Solution

Kevel infrastructure gave the team at PropertyGuru the right tools to create and continuously adjust their custom targeting specifications, broadening their search criteria to deliver better experiences for both users and advertisers.  

In just 14 days, Kevel’s APIs enabled PropertyGuru to:

  • Build and manage improved Promoted Listings 
  • Broaden user search criteria across the platform 
  • Broaden advertiser visibility and targeting criteria
  • Include property developers in ad campaigns previously limited to just property agents 
  • Maintain full control over their ad platform and merchant portal 

The Impact: What Kevel Delivered

Flexible APIs 

Using Kevel’s API-based tools meant that PropertyGuru didn’t have to give up all of their own internal systems, and most importantly, that they didn’t have to forfeit any of their control or data. Kevel helped the PropertyGuru team build out their own complex custom targeting capabilities best suited for their evolving needs. 

Currently, PropertyGuru uses Kevel to power their: 

  • Promoted Listings
  • Targeting 
  • Self-serve portal 

A fast, no-nonsense launch 

With Kevel’s APIs, the team at PropertyGuru was able to launch their Promoted Listings and broadened search functionality within just 14 days. 

Efficient monetization 

In addition to their traditional revenue streams, with Kevel, PropertyGuru has seen an increase in business in the first year of the product launch. Kevel has been an integral part of their long term growth strategy.

What’s Next? 

Dedicated to investing in technology to best serve the ever-changing needs of property seekers, agents, and developers, the PropertyGuru team continues to fine-tune and test new self-serve features, some of which include their credit system, Prime Credits, which allows advertisers to pay for campaigns in-app. 

Next up for the leading property marketplace is experimentation with Kevel’s decisioning API to bypass auctions and expand advertiser visibility. With a clear passion for constant innovation, the preferred-platform for property seekers across Southeast Asia is no doubt on a road to expansion -- in part due to the flexibility and compatibility of Kevel’s APIs. 

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