Personalize the content each user sees, in real-time

Upsell, cross-promote, and grow revenue by showing the right content to the right person at the right time.

"We view Kevel as a smart CMS, allowing us to easily add logic to decide what content gets shown to whom."

Tech Lead, Yelp

Target your users with relevant messages aimed to upsell, drive an action, and more.

Personalize promotions using first-party data, geo, etc.
Server-side integration means no front-end UX changes
Automate the starting, pacing, and stopping of the content
Show promotions most likely to lead to a sale / action

Personalize homepage content

Upsell paid subscriptions

Manage special offers

Drive new revenue on your terms, without having to build the tech from scratch

Fast response times

We average 28ms


No cookies or JS tags

Fully white-labeled

The front end is all you

Bypass ad blockers

Users don't mind native ads

Kevel believes in the importance of independent ad solutions not run by Google or Amazon

If ad spend is driven through a handful of networks, both publishers and advertisers lose. Kevel wants to equip every ad business with the tools to compete with Google, Amazon, and others who threaten ad innovation.

Want to build your internal promotions platform in just weeks?