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Kevel Newsletter: Edition #25 "All The Cool Financial Institutions Are Doing It"

Holly Shuffett
Holly Shuffett
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June 11, 2024
Kevel Newsletter
(Kevel & Canva, 2024.)

Ad Tech Insights

Banking On Ads: FMNs

The story: In recent months, the ad industry has seen a surge of interest in financial media networks (FMNs) -- financial institutions leveraging their extensive first-party data to build out their own ad networks. Recent examples include Chase Bank, PayPal, European bank Revolut, and buy now, pay later (BNPL) business Klarna

This foray into the ad world largely stems from regulatory pressures and competition, according to Grace Broadbent, eMarketer’s Senior Analyst of Payments. Basically, a combination of competitive and regulatory factors are pushing financial institutions to diversify their revenue streams, and to do so now, before losing steam. 

Although FMNs are an offshoot of retail media networks (RMNs), which have also experienced astronomical growth in recent years, FMNs stand out for their rich datasets from millions of customers. A bank, for instance, has a full picture of their customers’ spending habits and interests across all retailers and industries, not to mention the salaries coming into customers’ accounts. 

The takeaway: FMNs can provide a more complete view of customer spending, and make for a lucrative opportunity to diversify revenue streams and improve ad effectiveness. However, marketers should be mindful of privacy concerns and the importance of ensuring transparency and customer consent in data usage. But as third-party cookies continue to phase out, FMNs present a valuable alternative for privacy-compliant, data-driven marketing. 


Extra Industry Insights

The Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit took place late May in Palm Springs, CA. Anonymous, closed-door town hall discussions highlighted the following: 

Kevel Catchup

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A QueryClick survey found that 98% of respondents cite attribution as an important part of their tech stack. Clear ad attribution, equipped with first-party data and customer journey insights, is one of the best ways retailers can demonstrate ROI -- and RMNs must effectively report attribution if they want to surpass other advertising channels.

Read our full guide on ad attribution here to learn how it works, the different attribution models, and how your business can implement it. 


This episode of The ADOTAT Show joins host Pesach Lattin and Kevel Founder & CEO James Avery as they talk about Kevel's Series C funding, the next wave in retail media, and what’s ahead for ad tech. 

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