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The Most Important Company In Retail Media: Kevel On TraderTalk TV

Holly Shuffett
Holly Shuffett
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July 7, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce another successful collaboration with ExchangeWire, as Kevel Founder & CEO James Avery breaks down all things retail media in the latest episode of TraderTalk TV. 

To see the most recent collaboration between Kevel and ExchangeWire, check out ExchangeWire’s 2023 Industry Review.  

Alongside ExchangeWire Co-Founder & CSO, Ciarán O'Kane, Avery outlines: 

  • What the current retail media ecosystem looks like
  • The opportunity retail media offers to build a truly programmatic supply chain 
  • How the retail media landscape could become more accessible

In this whiteboard session, O’Kane and Avery also illustrate precisely how Kevel fits into the world of sustainable retail media tech and puts control back into the hands of publishers. Rather than existing as a go-between, Kevel equips businesses with the right monetization tools.

After breaking down where Kevel fits among contemporary options like direct IO, self-serve, and other ad networks, O’Kane praised Kevel for “...giving [retailers] the ability to tap into spend that they could never do with IO managed service[s].” 

The two founders also discussed topics including UX, sponsored listings, and the responsibility of “doing no harm.” 

Watch the full TraderTalk TV session here to learn more about retail media and why Kevel has been dubbed “the most important company in retail media.” Or click here to speak with us and learn more about how Kevel is helping retailers rebel against [b]ad tech.

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