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Announcing Kevel's New Website 2023

Holly Shuffett
Holly Shuffett
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July 12, 2023
Company Highlight

JULY 2023 - We’re proud to introduce the brand new Kevel.com!

Kevel Home page
Kevel's new website, 2023

The same way our APIs offer simple solutions, Kevel has always strived to deliver customers with a simple and seamless user journey. For many customers, their relationship with Kevel starts with a quick website visit or browsing our content to learn more. 

With this in mind, we at Kevel worked to plan, design, write, and overhaul 40+ unique pages to optimize our website and create the best user experience possible. After months of cross-team collaborative efforts, we’re so thrilled to bring new content, better features, and a shiny new layout to Kevel.com users. 

Why Kevel Wanted Change

The Kevel website revamp was motivated by two main themes: aesthetics and functionality -- both of which play a vital role in delivering the best customer experience that we can. 

“In the age of information overload, it’s crucial to honor our users’ time and attention,” said Kevel UX/UI Designer, Evgeny Misin. “That’s why I believe in presenting a clear and concise layout that enables [users] to quickly scan for the main ideas they seek.” 

Stylistically, the new Kevel.com had quite the makeover. Including: 

  • A new layout for a cleaner finish
  • A new navigation menu to improve the user journey 
  • New typography with a tested, high readability score
  • New “recommended article” cards on Kevel’s blog
  • New, consistent style across micro animations and UI elements 

“I’d say the navigation menu was the most important part of it all,” Kevel Lead Designer, Eduardo Vascov, said when asked about his favorite upgrade to Kevel.com. “We restructured [Kevel’s] information architecture to improve the user flow…we were able to make it easy to navigate and discover all that Kevel offers.” 

Header navigation
Kevel navigation bar

Kevel’s marketing team carefully planned and created Kevel 2.0 with users as the top priority. Misin also noted that the new Kevel navigation structure was designed to “...ensure intuitive and streamlined user journeys” and to “make it easier for visitors to find [information] easily.” 

Kevel 2.0: All Things UX

Deliver innovation is just one of Kevel’s key values which helps us constantly grow and improve. Our culture of engineering and creative problem solving doesn’t stop with our products or workplace, but extends to Kevel customers, too. That’s why a better UX was crucial for 2023. 

“We find ourselves talking to more and more companies in many industries, all who are looking to take control of their ad platform.” shared Kevel Marketing Lead Neil Cameron. “Our customers are being more innovative than ever in how they manage monetization and customer experience, and we needed a better way to tell that story.” 

While seemingly simple on paper, many brands can drop the ball when it comes to putting users first. At Kevel, we put in the work to practice what we preach when it comes to making the Internet a better place. 

The Bottom Line: Never Stop Improving

At Kevel, we know that evolution is key and there is always room for improvement. We’re exceptionally proud of the new and improved Kevel.com and how it helps users build their relationship with Kevel and the products we offer. 

“Our business is all about people building great technology for other people, and that is reflected throughout our site,” said Cameron. “We’re a curious bunch of people, and I think our website now reflects that more than before.” 

To read the latest on company goings-on and all things ad tech, check out Kevel’s blog. To learn more about Kevel’s award-winning solutions, get in touch today

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