Build an email ad server in weeks, not years

Kevel's ad APIs make it easy to monetize your emails and newsletters with personalized ads.

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Build Your Own Email Ad Server | Kevel

"We recommend Kevel to anyone doing email ad monetization at scale."

Chief Digital Officer, Bed Bath & Beyond

Take back your email ad program
Own, don't outsource, your platform.

Don't cede control of your capabilities and revenue to a third-party. Take back your email ad program with Kevel's flexible tools and design the exact platform you want.


Easily insert personalized, direct-sold ads into your emails

  • Personalize email ads with first-party data
  • Kevel takes no revenue cut. SaaS pricing only
  • You own the advertiser relationships. We won't force you into programmatic ads
  • Have a homegrown ad product? Use Kevel to add easily new features

Your partners want to work with you directly,
not through an email ad network

You already have relationships with brands, vendors, and advertisers. Let them buy directly through you — and cut out the middleman ad tech fees in the process.

Ad serving APIs and SDKs cut down build time by 90%

Built with Kevel

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Kevel is a great partner, and we recommend them to anyone building a custom ad platform.
Chief Digital Officer, Bed Bath & Beyond