Major US airline uses Kevel to power their partner promotions

Large US airline automates and personalizes their special travel offers.

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What this major US airline Wanted

One of the US's largest airlines came to Kevel with the hopes of automating and personalizing the featured promotions on their offers page.

These partner deals - highlighting hotels, retail brands, and more - were fixed placements that required engineering’s help to update. Managing them was time-consuming and slow.

They also arbitrarily chose what deals to show and in what order. They knew that personalizing these offers (using customer data and conversion rate performance) would drive more revenue for them.

So they turned to Kevel to automate these partner promotions and make them easy to manage, while also ensuring users saw only relevant offers.

Featured offers

Their deals page is now easy-to-manage and personalized to the customer

This airline can now run these partner promotions through a single UI, without needing to ping engineering. With Kevel, it’s easy to add new deals, automate when offers should start and end, and track performance like number of clicks.

These promotions are also tailored to the person in real-time, ensuring they see only relevant offers. By doing this, the airline substantially increased the number of people who engaged with a deal.

request and response

Server-side integration means fast ads that blend in

User experience is pivotal to this company, so it was important that the look and feel of their offers page didn't change. Fortunately, the integration with Kevel is server-side and doesn't involve any client-side ad tags - ensuring that nothing about the page changed for consumers.

Kevel's ad responses are also fast - averaging 28ms across all clients - which means no lost bookings due to slow load times.

Reporting UI

They now have a simple UI for reporting too

With Kevel’s UI, they have a single location for managing and reporting on their partner promotions. Having quick access to impression and click data is helpful to both them and their partners.

internal promotions

The airline also uses Kevel to power internal promotions across their site

Within their site, you can find internal promotions that highlight special offers from their other services. These placements are powered by Kevel and optimized in the same way their partner promotions are.

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