MO uses Kevel to optimize retargeting
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MO uses Kevel to optimize retargeting

With Kevel, MO uses machine learning to identify visitors in the buying journey and retarget them accross platforms.


Increase in campaign performance


Improved retargeting performance

What MO wanted

MO is a European fashion brand selling clothing, footwear, accessories, and home decor. Their team is thoughtful about customer engagement and cares greatly about their social media presence and building brand awareness. Using the market-leading retargeting solution, MO saw good campaign ROI. However, they had limited control over ad delivery and creatives. To compensate, they ran additional campaigns on Facebook with their preferred creatives. This meant their campaigns competed with the ones managed by the retargeting vendor, resulting in low performance.

So, MO switched to Kevel Audience to take back control of their retargeting campaigns, audiences, and first-party data.

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Audience-building visibility

Kevel Audience gives MO the power to collect detailed information on each visitor session on their website. They can also identify unique visitors across devices to build comprehensive and accurate customer profiles of both known and unknown customers.

Gaining the in-house customer intelligence capacity to improve our campaign performance is fantastic. It allows us to optimize paid media investment and become much more effective when engaging with our customers.

André Leite, Head of eCommerce

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Machine learning efficiency

Kevel Audience's machine learning enhances audience intelligence by predicting which visitors are in an active buyer journey, giving MO an automatic audience of customers who are more likely to make a purchase when served ads.

Retargeting control

Equipped with their own first-party audiences from Kevel, MO was able to test their own Facebook campaigns against their retargeting vendor's. Within a month, the campaign ROI from MO's own campaigns improved by 530% and outperformed the retargeting vendor by 16%.

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